©2019 by Austin Morgan For State Senate

Our Policy:

Everywhere we go, our campaign's policy is to listen first—to ALL voters, regardless of party.

We need honest, open-minded

representation in Albany.

Austin believes deeply in what George Washington called the promise of

"good laws under a free government." 

Promoting Small Businesses

Investing in local economies, putting Main St. ahead of Wall St., anchoring skilled trades with TradeUp program

Affordable Healthcare

Medical, dental, and vision for every man, woman, and child

Legalizing Marijuana

Safe regulation, law enforcement funding, home and small farm growers, taxes kept local


Fewer mandated exams, more classroom autonomy, fair funding,

 whole-child model of learning and care

Growing Our Farms

Defending family farms against corporations; farm-to-school programs; Cornell partnerships

Reversing Population Loss

Attracting opportunity, 

family focus, strengthening trade alternatives to college

Ending Albany Corruption

Term limits, campaign finance reform, transparency at all levels

Environmental Action

Transparent partnerships; science-based goals to save our future; community and individual ownership of renewable projects

Rebuilding Infrastructure

No band-aid solutions; investing in roads, rural broadband, emergency services and medical transport

Honoring Our Veterans

No red tape—the respect, benefits, and assistance they have earned

Fiscal Responsibility

An independent Legislative Budget Office—protecting taxpayer dollars

Gun Rights

Fixing and cleaning up the SAFE Act, cutting red tape, protecting rights of home-defenders and

hunters alike, common sense safety